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In Depth Interview

Long Island history is rich with artists whose creativity was inspired here. Creative sparks ignited into a magical collaboration and friendship when north shore painter Ward Hooper and south shore photographer Holly Gordon connected on Facebook. The Brush/Lens Project is a contemporary union of these two artists. Ward's on sight paintings and Holly's painterly images of the same locations give the viewer a unique opportunity to see side by-side creative interpretations of the same subject...and along the way they discovered that many of their locations for inspiration were rooted in the fertile ground of Arthur Dove and Helen Torr, celebrated early American abstract artists who lived and worked on the north shore of Long Island 75 years ago.


Arrangements can be made to feature this scalable museum-quality exhibition and/or gallery talk at your institution......

"Many of the site inspirations were previously explored by abstract artists Arthur Dove and Helen Torr 75 years ago."  Steve Parks

In anticipation of the debut exhibition of The Brush/Lens Project at the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Peter Pitzele, writer for the Art League of Long Island, visited Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper in their respective homes and studios to capture the essence of their collaboration.










Far from wishing to mark how different brush is from lens, I think Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper want to say something about how the two can relate to one another as dancers rather than adversaries.


They come together from a lifetime of dedication, Holly to her camera, Ward to his watercolors. Neither was looking for any kind of partnership. But then out of the blue (a color of glowing signature significance for each of them) what began as a Facebook glance almost immediately became very real and, well confluential connection.

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Very excited to share the news that The Brush/Lens Project will be exhibited

at the Salena Gallery of the LIU Brooklyn Campus Sept 5 - Oct 20, 2017.

Hope you'll join us at the reception Thursday September 7th 6-8pm

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